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What are people facing at the beginning of the Second wave of Corona Virus

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Publish :Thursday, April 1, 2021, 05:18

  • Second wave of Corona Virus

    In the last few months, there is only one question in everyone's mind. If again the wave of COVID-19 goes through Bangladesh, what will happen? And how to deal with this pandemic again. The general opinion said that it could be during the upcoming winter remembering the mid-October's European COVID-19 attack. It's suspecting that the second wave of coronavirus is already spreading by observing the number increase of corona-affected people. As many expected, the pandemic and virus would become weaker after one year. The opinion has got an answer with harsh reality.    

    The world has seen the destructive face of corona since the December of 2019. But it is not the first arrival. The scientists identified the coronavirus for the first time in 1965. At that time, this virus was not so life-killing. It only caused a common cold fever in the human body. And after some days and taking regular antibiotics, that virus wouldn't be harmful anymore. Soon biological researchers invented similar viruses and named them "corona virus" according to their crown-like structure. Corona means "the crown."

    Seven types of coronavirus can infect a human body. The infecting history is not so old. In 2002, people of china first saw a pandemic of the coronavirus that causes SARS in the south part of the Asian country. And quickly, this disease spread to more than 28 countries. More than eight hundred people were affected, and 774 died by that virus. It was still July 2003. In that year, those people died from the coronavirus. Their typical symptoms were fever, headache, cough, and shortness of breath. At that time, people also died because of not understanding the actual condition.

    Saudi Arabia also faced that situation in 2012, and almost 2,500 cases got in that year. The coronavirus was recently spreading from the same country China in 2019. and the structure of this coronavirus is different from other coronaviruses. It's not only about the visual and chemical features. That virus is now more robust. Most of the symptoms are new and causing severe problems in the body. This time, the number of corona-affected was unimaginable. The disease was spreading like a fire. As the disease from coronavirus had got a new look. So it has come up with a different name, COVID-19.  

    In January 2020, scientists imagined it's going to be another pandemic. The world did not still take preparation at all for this! There was no vaccine for coronavirus, and people died without any medical check-ups. At the same time, people were not finding how to survive in that kind of situation. The full-year has seen a natural disaster! From the statistics of affecting coronavirus, scientists have found a pattern of spreading the pandemic. That country saw a high number of coronavirus infections. Those areas are going to have a 'second wave" this year, in 2021. Now the prediction seems true.

    The second wave is not occurring only for the typical nature of this virus. Human behavior has also impacted a lot for this second wave of coronavirus. The pandemic was decreasing slowly as how in the whole year of 2020, people had bound them in their home, and the government announced not to come out without significant reason. That's why gradually, the number of corona-affected people was also going under control. After a long year, people have started to come out of their house. More pathetic fact, the government also is not severe about their embargo. So usually, the second wave of coronavirus is expectable.

    General masses are trying to normalize their life though the situation is not safe. Offices are now about to make a routine like before but with proper hygiene and safety. For employees who are getting sick or already sick, the official authority has loosened their tight rules. Most of the malls and markets are operating their regular business though much small business has stopped during the pandemic. 2020 was a nonprofitable year for the industry and other industrial companies. That's why, this year, from the beginning, people are trying to move on their track.

    In a developing country like Bangladesh, the corona has destroyed all the development of social-economic sectors. So, it's true that moving forward through a demand, but the pandemic hasn't gone yet. It should be in general consideration. Ordinary people are still confused they should send their children to school or think about safety. Should they go out for their works or stay at home. People of every profession and job have faced a significant loss in the economic sector. So, it is normal everyone will want to overcome their loss. Now all are in the same dilemma! What should be the priority- survive for the breath or the regular life?

    Everyone wants to maintain everyday life. Some cities and towns practice making a limitation in coming out and inside from the area. But other regions are following old living style. Some government leaders are still encouraged to wear a mask when the people are outside. But that practice is not happening in real. All attempts –saving life from the coronavirus is again in the first position. Coronavirus has changed the old structure so often, and now it is at the top of the strength. Its changing nature is also making scientists confused and finding the correct vaccine for the virus.

    Medical research for coronavirus vaccine and public awareness- both are crucial for controlling the pandemic. Scientists of every country are doing their best. But general mass is not responding so much by obeying all the hygiene tips. This effort only could make a difference and can lessen the number of corona-affected people. It is high time to realize what the actual condition is. The government should retake essential steps and be strict to prevent the pandemic. If going back to everyday life is necessary, and then follow the way to go back is also required. The public should be more careful and help stop spreading the coronavirus more loudly in the second wave.

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