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How to get good grades in exam -9 easy ways you can try

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    Are you going to start a new class/semester? Worried about how to pass in the exam? Don’t worry, sit back, follow the rules below, and chill!

    When we start a new semester, a new tension adds in our mind - how to pass in the exam. It is pretty normal to think. We search for advice from our seniors or seek their notes, search over internet for exam hacks etc. However, it is in our hands to get good grades. You must not panic or have to read like a crazy, just follow these simple rules. If you follow these, you will be able to obtain moderate marks without studying much.

    1. Be confident - The first and the easiest way of getting good grades is confidence. You may think that your new semester will be quite hard and you will not pass easily. That is not true. Just think that you can pass, you will pass. This will boost up your courage. Do not be pessimistic at all.

    2. Be regular - Be a regular student. I am not saying that you must attend classes when you are seriously ill. Just try to attend classes as much as possible. Because if you miss one lecture then you will find it hard to cope with the next lectures/lesson. Regularity will bring consistency in your preparation for exam.

    3. Bring the books - Always bring the books per routine. Do not be lazy or depend on others. This is a bad habit if you always let others share their books with you. Bring your own books so that you can mark lines when teachers tell you to do so. If there is any book that is too heavy to carry then you can spare that one (try having a PDF version then), otherwise not.

    4. Listen to teachers -

    Listen and follow what your teachers say. If your teachers recommend any book or video or article, try to collect that. If they give any guideline then follow them. If you face any problem regarding your lesson, ask them. Do not be afraid or shy.

    5. Take notes - Take notes when necessary. Make a notebook per course/subject and write down important terms while having lectures. This will help you a lot in the exam season. If you read only the notes then at least you will have the knowledge what you have learned so far. You can organize your notes in the shape of a tree or in a geometric design so that you can read them easily.

    6. Memorize - Memorizing without understanding is not fruitful at all. You must not memorize everything except some important things -
    i. Title (book/chapter)
    ii. Name (author/characters/place)
    iii. Spelling
    iv. Year
    v. Definition of any important term etc
    vi. Important events (historical or something like that)

    You do not have to memorize answers blindly, just memorize these important things. Even if you cannot write good answer, if you write these things correctly in the exam script, you will be able to make a good impression of yourself to the teacher. Be careful about grammatical mistakes also.

    7. Underline/mark - Underline/mark important terms, quotes, names etc. while reading. You can write down short notes/comments on the side of the text. Use multicoloured pens if necessary. You can use sticky notes inside the text also.


    8. Read summary - Do not read the summary without reading the text. Reading text is MANDATORY. If the text is too hard to understand, take the help from online summary. If you do not have enough time to read the whole text, you can read the online summary. In that case read the summary from 3/4 websites, because a single website does not summarize the whole text properly. Different websites provide different types of summary of a single text. Some websites provide very short and to-the-point synopsis, where some others provide very detailed summary. So if you are in need of reading the summary, do not read it just from one website. Yet reading text is a must.

    9. Make files - It would be a huge pressure on the eve of the exam if you do not find your study materials. To avoid that, you need to tidy up your study materials. Make files/folders per course on your PC. If not, then arrange the items/notes of each course separately so that they are easily available.

    To conclude, these are the basics to do well in the exam. I have tried to write them down in easy language so that everyone can follow. If you know more ways for passing the exam, feel free to share with us.

    Thank you.

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