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Best Baby Foods for 6 to 12-Month-Old Babies

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  • Best Baby Foods

    A baby goes by a number of growth stages during his early age. In these stages, he needs different amounts of nutrition to grow healthy, strong, and intelligent. When a baby stands at his seventh month, he starts to take solid foods along with breast milk or baby formula. For this, parents need to be more careful about their baby. They have to arrange healthy, nutritious foods for their baby and avoid harmful food ingredients.

    If your baby is also around 6 to 12 months, you have to go through the same task to ensure your baby’s well-being. But how do you know which foods are good for your baby or which not?

    Here we have integrated some best baby foods for 6 to 12-month-old babies to help you make an effective diet chart within a short period. So, let’s not exaggerate and take a jump into the main discussion.

    Foods to Include in the Diet Chart

    1 Breast Milk

    Sometimes, many breastfeeding mothers think that they can stop nursing after the baby starts solid foods. But truly speaking, this is a completely wrong idea.

    In reality, a baby needs even more energy, more nutrients, and more care during this period. So, breast milk will remain the prime source of energy and nutrients for your baby.

    According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a  baby needs only breast milk until six months and then breast milk with solids up to 12 months. Anyways, you can continue breastfeeding after the first year if you feel okay with it.

    The same thing is applicable for babies having baby formula instead of breast milk.

    2 Single-grain Cereals

    Iron is a must for the physical growth and brain development of the baby. It creates hemoglobin in the red blood cells which help to carry oxygen to other parts of the body. Besides, it strengthens the immune system of the baby and regulates the body temperature.

    Impressively, a baby always comes with a natural reserve of iron. But around the 6th month, this iron starts to deplete. So, it's a good idea to give him iron-rich foods after the 6th month.

    Single-grain cereals are a kind of iron-rich food that can meet your baby's iron needs very well. There are a lot of single-grain cereals available in the market. You can take any of them according to your pediatrician's advice. Here one thing shouldn't go without saying that you can start feeding these single-grain cereals even from his 4th month.

    3 Avocados

    Avocados, mostly grown in Mexico, are a kinda large berry containing a single seed. They supply monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, and folate to the body. Besides, they contain more fiber than other fruits removing the chance of constipation.  Moreover, they supply necessary minerals including iron, copper, potassium that helps to maintain the natural growth and development of the body and stay healthy all time.

    This is why most pediatricians love avocados as the first fruit for babies. You can freely add them to your baby's diet chart to fulfill his vitamin and mineral needs. Before serving, mash or slice the ripe avocados and add some breast milk or baby formula to this. By doing this, your child will be able to chew easily and the puree will be more delicious. However, you can apply the same recipe for many other fruits like bananas, pears, apples, apricots, prunes, etc., and feed your little one.

    4 Mashed Peas

    Peas are another nutritious food for a 6-12 month-old baby. They are a storehouse of vitamins (vitamin- A, B6, C, E, K), minerals (iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium), protein, folate, and fiber. They also contain alpha-linolenic acid and phytonutrients that provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Their regular consumption ensures the well-being of the eyes, brain, and bones of the baby. That's why pediatricians emphasize peas as the first food for babies.

    There are a lot of recipes that you can try with these peas. But for a 6-12-year-old baby, smashed or fattened peas with other foods like frittatas, grains dishes, or casseroles will be the best option. If you don't have peas, you can take other vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and squash.

    5 Eggs

    Apart from grains, vegetables, and fruits, a baby needs sufficient animal protein regularly. Eggs, meats, and fishes are large sources of animal protein that helps to build bones and muscles of the body. As your baby is at his growth stage where he needs protein to maintain normal physical growth,  provide him with sufficient protein and other ingredients regularly.

    Among all the protein-rich foods, eggs are the most inexpensive ones that you can easily arrange for your baby's regular meal. Besides protein, they also provide Omega fatty- 3 acids to make the baby heart-healthy, strong, and active. Your baby also gets micronutrients and choline from eggs that will keep up his brain and liver functioning. So, put at least half to an entire egg in your baby's food list.

    Avoidable Foods for Babies

    Although there are plenty of foods available for babies, some foods can be very harmful to their health. So, whenever you feed something to your baby, make sure it doesn't contain any unwholesome ingredients. Here are some of the foods to avoid for babies:


    Honey can be harmful to babies under one year since it contains botulism spores. These botulism spores can't be prevented by the babys' little tummies. Consequently, they get infected by infant botulism which sometimes takes a serious form. So, it would be a great decision not to feed honey until your baby gets one year old.

    Cow's Milk

    Although cow's milk is a wonderful milk source, you should keep this away from your baby's diet until the first year of birth.

    This is a short guideline that you can follow to create a regular diet chart for your little one.  We also encourage you to take the pediatrician's advice to make a far better plan for your baby's food.

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